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DENMARK DAY 6: Back To School

By: Joy Ren

· Denmark 2023

DAY 6: May 22th, 2023

Welcome back to the blog! After a relaxing breakfast at Book1, we started the Monday morning with a short walk to our sister school, Aarhus Katedraskole.

When we arrived, we were pleasantly greeted by the flowers in the schoolyard and the colorful buildings. We could see a few students here and there, all of whom we were very curious about and excited to talk with. A Danish teacher introduced us to the school and explained its long history. Dating back to 1198 and located next to a cathedral, Aarhus Katedraskole was originally a school for priests. Now, it is a high school for students around Aarhus. In Denmark, students have 90-minute classes with 30-minute breaks. Similar to BCA, they also choose majors when they enter high school. The students we met major in music and math but there are also physics, english, architecture, and many more majors.

Afterward, we got the opportunity to go into some classrooms and be a part of the lesson. Some went to social studies or music but I chose the math class. There, I sat with Christian, Espion, and Anne — who were a very friendly and funny trio. It was interesting to see that the students are on a first-name basis with their teachers and that they frequently work in the schoolyard.

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After a delicious lunch sandwich (America needs to step up their lunch game), a few Danish students presented their sustainability projects. From making bags with denim to the 5 Great Days run by the sustainability council (5 days of sustainability activities such as a catwalk with teachers wearing thrifted clothes), we learned about many creative ways they incorporated sustainability into their education.

The best part of the day was breaking into groups with the Danish students and exploring the town ourselves. Mateus joined us and the trio and we first explored Old Town together. At a replica of an old pastry shop, I tried the pink pop-tart-like pastry that Christian and Espeon recommended. Although it was really sweet, I enjoyed tasting some traditional Danish snacks. For dinner, the four students made us a Danish dish of chicken soup in pastry cups at their house. Sitting in their backyard with Danish songs playing in the background, we almost felt at home.

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Meeting the students was really one of the best experiences of my life. From laughing together to discovering the differences in our lifestyles, it was eye-opening to see how similar and different we are. I will always treasure this moment in my memories — thank you Espion, Anne, Christian, and Mateus!