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    Since 2006 the Bergen County Academies and Kokutaiji Senior High School of Hiroshima, Japan have shared a collaboration of academic excellence centered on scientific research.  As we continue the sister school relationship we have been invited to participate in their high school research convention. The purpose of this convention is for students to present their research from multiple disciplines, including specialized science subjects, on stage as well as in poster sessions. Students in turn receive feedback from honored experts and guests in addition to their peers.  

    Kokutaiji's history and educational initiatives

    Kokutaiji High school (KHS) has long been recognized by their government as a "Super Science" school of distinction. It is through this focus and devotion to the sciences that has kept BCA's longest global education partnership intact and continues to bring students together from both schools. Recently, KHS has been designated as a lead school for the implementation of the "Project-based Learning Initiative" set forth by the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education. The entire school is working to develop classes that encourage students to participate in active learning, peer collaboration, and to think critically. As they recognize BCA as one of the top science high schools in the United States they are holding our presence at the convention as a highlight of the event.

    Cultural Experiences

    The sister partnership with KHS has grown through the years and deepened the cultural understanding between our two schools. At Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park, past BCA student groups moved quietly past displays which told of the devastation caused by the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Photos of the aftermath, artifacts from the area, and interactive displays communicated not only of the horrific details of the incident, but also of Hiroshima's ongoing commitment to peace. With our students there was always a feeling of loss, but also one of hope that Hiroshima's message of peace would ensure that mankind would never again have to endure an event such as this.

    As both schools look to the future, the highlight of visiting one of the most distinguished Japanese cultural heritage sites, Miyajima Island, exposes BCA students to scenic beauty and an understanding how our Japanese culture is one of peace and tranquility.

  • Logistics


    We will be staying approximately 5 nights in a luxury hotel near Kokutaiji HS.


    Breakfast will be in our hotel lunch will be on the run or in markets, but dinners will be at some of the Hiroshima's most exciting restaurants and with Japanese families.


    After our non-stop flight to Tokyo, we will be taking the Japanese bullet train to Hiroshima . There will also be extensive walking and students can expect to walk between 5 miles per day.

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