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Day 1&2: DuBYE...for Now!

Rachel Holliday, Student Blogger

· Dubai 2019
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Flight Experience and NYU-Abu Dhabi

As we all lay in our beds in NYU-Abu Dhabi, staying up until 3:00am because jet lag has already hit us, we wanted to catch you up on our long days of travel. We are so excited for what's ahead!

Our airport experience in JFK took us just short of an hour to go through security and get settled in our gates. Once boarding, we were all in shock of how spacious the plane was- the Etihad "AirBus" A380. You can take a             virtual tour of the plane to experience it yourself! Etihad provided us with exceptional service, cleanliness, and respect throughout our 13 hour flight. Even the economy seats made us feel like First-Class members with our free in-flight entertainment (which includes, but is not limited to: movies, TV Shows, games, News, Weather, LIVE flight cameras, seat-to-seat calls and messages using our touch-screen remotes, and much more). We were also served 3 hot/cold meals throughout our flight, which was surprisingly tasty for airplane food! 

After landing, we passed through customs, exchanged our US dollars for dirhams, and hopped on the bus to NYU-Abu Dhabi, where we will be staying for the first 3 nights of our trip. We split into pairs for our dorms, unpacked, and settled in for the night. 


Keep checking in on this blog to see what adventures we have in store!

Tomorrow we will be taking a tour of NYU-Abu Dhabi and sightseeing some of the most famous places in Abu Dhabi. Stay tuned!