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Finland, Day 3: Some Finnish Business, Innovation, and Sisu

By: Alisha Merchant, Student Blogger

· Finland 2019

Today was an extremely nice day; we woke up and went to breakfast at the hotel, and then headed out early to learn about a business curriculum that is offered at the university, in which the college students own businesses and work full time instead of attending classes, as to get hands-on experience. The Massachusetts kids and we worked in groups on innovation projects we were given on the spot and then presented our ideas to the group. All in all, it was an extremely fun exercise that required us to think on the spot and innovate.

We then went back to the hotel for lunch, at which there were different options then yesterday. Following lunch, we traveled back to the university for another round of innovative challenges, which constituted of creating contraptions to protect eggs from cracking when dropped, and using coding to shorten the amount of time it takes to communicate. We then headed into the city square, and are ate at a pizza place called Rax Buffet, which was comprised of mainly pizza but also had some other international treats. Afterward, we were given free time to walk around the square and go to CityMarket, which is Finland's version of Target, at which many of us bought Finnish treats. We returned to the hotel a little bit earlier to get enough rest for our day tomorrow. Hyvää yötä!

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