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Finland Day 1 - We Finland(ed)

By: Alisha Merchant, Student Blogger

· Finland 2019


After over 20 hours of traveling, we’ve finally Finland(ed) in our destination of Joensuu, Finland! We started out from New York at around 3 PM and flew to Chicago to catch our plane to Helsinki. After a tiring 9 hour flight, we still had one more leg to go to reach our final destination: Joensuu. Jet-lag kicked in for many of us after the first two flights, and even though the flight from Helsinki to Joensuu was around an hour, the idea of traveling seemed impossible. But, nevertheless, the journey was undoubtedly worth it. We met up with the other EPIC challenge coordinators at the airport and were on our way to our hotel, the Greenstar.

Joensuu is extremely quaint in comparison to New Jersey, with the local buildings having an assortment of pastel colors. The atmosphere is extremely nature-oriented, and the highways are lined with dense forests for miles.

Our hotel is extremely and economic and minimalistic but seems comfortable for the most part. After settling in, we headed off to dinner at the local Rosso Italian restaurant. Following our great dinner, we went to our rooms early because tomorrow is an extremely action-packed day.

- Finland Crew 2019


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