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Finland,Day 6: Hyvästi :(

· Finland 2019

Today was our last day in Finland, and we made the most of our time with an action-packed itinerary. We started off the morning with breakfast at the Hilton and then headed to the Helsinki Cathedral, where we got onto a bus and toured the city. We saw some extremely noteworthy landmarks, including the Uspenski Cathedral, the Helsingin päärautatieasema, which is the bustling railway station and center of activity in Helsinki, 1952 Finnish Olympic Stadium, and many more beautiful sites. We then went off to the Market Square, at which we did some souvenir shopping and got some lunch from the street vendors set up in the square.

We then returned back to our hotel to get ready for a nice dinner at a restaurant called Ravintola Juttutupa The restaurant’s ambiance was semi-casual, and many of the food options included traditional Finnish cuisine (like salmon soup and fried vendaces). Overall, Ravintola Juttutupa proved to be an amazing dinner for our last night in Finland. We proceeded to return back to the hotel in order to pack and get ready for our flight tomorrow. Hyvästi Suomi (Good-bye Finland), it’s been an amazing trip!

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