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riding montreal's wind (day 3: 4/23)

By Isha Tyagi, Jeannelle Tellado, & Kimberley Ni

· Montreal 2024

We are at the halfway point of the trip (already!?)

Overview of our 2nd full day:

1). Breakfast

Same as yesterday; here's another picture:

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2). Concordia University

We left the hotel for Concordia University by 8.15am.

After around 20 minutes, we arrived and we were greeted by friendly faces at Concordia: we met with 2 current students and 2 admissions officers.

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First, everyone gathered for a presentation led by the US admissions officier at Concordia University; she talked about Concordia campus life, financial aid, and about the different programs available at the university (mainly the engineering and computer science programs).

After the presentation, the group broke up into 2 smaller groups.

One group initially visited the robotics lab: a PhD and Masters student presented their drones and mini-cars.

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Another group was led through a cybersecurity demonstration; we learned about the projects the 3 PhD students were working on mainly related to tracking of IP addresses and international security.

Both groups switched after around 30 minutes.

After the lab demonstrations, we gathered for a presentation led by Dr. Joey Paquet; he went into more detail about the engineering and computer science programs at Concordia University.

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3). Lunch @ Concordia University

We dined at Concordia University's "Grey Nun's" Dining Hall for around 1 hour. The tour guides and admissions officers from Concordia also joined us for lunch.

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4). Double Decker Bus Tour

We had the privilege of enjoying a private Double Decker Bus Tour from a bus that hasn't been released to the public yet: us BCA students were some of the first to ride it!

The tour was around 2 hours, and we visited numerous famous landmarks of Montreal.

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We also had the opportunity to step off the bus and take some photos together.

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5). Aura: Notre Dame

Aura: Notre Dame is a fantastic light and music show that takes place in the Notre-Dame Basilica. We were not allowed to take photos during the actual show, but here are some pre-show photos:

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The show started at 6pm, and went on for around 30 minutes.


6). Dinner

We left Aura: Notre Dame at around 6.30pm and walked to St. Hubert for dinner.

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We were also joined by a BCA alum, Emma AAST Class of '23 who is currently an environmental science student at McGill University! She talked to some of us about her experience in Montreal and with the international college admissions process.


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