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yoshi only a day away (day 4: 4/24)

By Isha Tyagi, Jeannelle Tellado, & Kimberley Ni

· Montreal 2024

Today was the 1st day of our most highly anticipated event: the World AI Summit. It's known to be the largest AI conference in the world, and BCA was the only high school to have been invited :)

Overview of today:

1). World AI Summit

We left from the hotel by 8.15am. It was raining heavily during our 10 minute walk to the colorful building.

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There was a huge line for registration: took around 20ish minutes.

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Here were the main activities that BCA students engaged in during the conference:

a). Headliners

These were lectures; people from different fields such as medicine, government, research, etc

delivered presentations about how AI is being implemented in their area of interest and their

opinions regarding the expansion of AI in the future. My favorite quote from the headliners:

"In order to pay proper respect to the future, you must pay proper disrespect to the past."

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b). Vendors

A student-favorite. There were booths from many different companies and startups, and we had

the opportunity to network with company representatives and talk about how AI is used in their

line of work.

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The most popular booth was Github; we recieved a lot of merchandise from them :P

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c). Workshops

Workshops were also another student-favorite: most of the workshops were hosted by one of the

vendors who wanted to go into depth regarding a company product. For example, Zetane Systems

recently released ZetaForge and hosted a workshop centered around this product.

My friends and I had the opportunity to attend this workshop, and engaged in a hands-on activity

attempting to implement the ZetaForge algorithm and learn about why it's useful.

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2). Dinner

We left the hotel for dinner by 6.30pm and after a 40 minute walk, we arrived at the Time Out Market. The Time Out Market is a market with food vendors from multiple cuisines including American, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. There were also a large variety of mocktail and dessert options. We stayed until 9pm.

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3). Montreal's underground city

After dinner, we walked through Montreal's underground city to get back to the hotel.

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We walked through the underground city for 10 minutes, and walked the rest of the trip on ground level.


Steps Update: 16,000+

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