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Singapore Day 4: Marina Bay Sands & Gardens by the Bay

· Singapore 2019

Today was probably going to be our most exciting day yet, because of the amazing tourist attractions we were going to visit tonight. We woke up bright and early, eating breakfast at the school canteen. One of the food stands at the canteen supplied us with crispy chicken sandwiches(yes, for breakfast), Oreo crispy buns, and ham & cheese sandwiches for free, so we gathered there every morning. After breakfast, half of us headed out to the city for a learning journey, visiting different places such as the Heritage and Diversity Center and the Singapore Mobility Gallery. We returned to the school for lunch and had a group discussion/reflection on what we had learned during the journey.

Afterwards, we had a mass dance session where we learned new dances to original songs written by the school, and were dismissed for dinner.

After quickly eating dinner at the school, we hopped on a bus and headed for the famous Singapore tourist attraction: Gardens by the Bay. As shown below, they are beautiful, long, cylindrical structures caged by tree branches that are growing outwards. These branches have flowers and lights spiraling around them, and light up to music at night. There is also a flower dome, where we went inside and explored the flowers and endless greenery climbing up the dome walls.

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We walked over to the world renown Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which looked like three buildings balancing a surfboard on top. The roof is known for its bars and infinity pool, where guests have a stellar view of the shining city. Many of us took pictures and promised to return to the hotel in the future-as a guest. Adjacent to the hotel is a mall featuring many high-end stores. restaurants, and even a manmade river flowing inside. We walked outside of the mall to a sitting area/dock near a river, where we saw an illuminated stack of buildings on the other side. It was like New York City, but brighter and grander. After various photoshoots of both the view and ourselves, we headed back to our bus. Upon arrival at the hotel, most of us had woken up from the nap on the way back, and were ready to go to bed.

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