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Singapore Day 5: Y.LEAD Day 3 and Night Safari!

· Singapore 2019

Wednesday was really exciting day to mark the middle of the conference. We spent the mornings with our individual groups (fams). Half of us went out on more Learning Journeys to places such as Make the Change Singapore! The other half of us stayed to listen to panel discussions held by inspiring guests of honor, including presenters from the National Museum of Singapore. We were able to ask them questions about Singapore's history and the importance of preserving culture through time.

We were then visited by multiple professors that afternoon to hear panel discussions between them and RVHS students. These discussions were in regards to topics such as smart cities and urban planning as well as the importance of cyber security.

After spending the day at River Valley High School, our group went out to the Singapore Night Safari! We had a big dinner at the buffet there, which featured Chinese and Indian cuisines, and then had a good time both walking and riding through different animal species. We saw lions, bats, boars, and many other creatures. However, later in the night, the mid-week slump hit us all, and many of us fell asleep the second we sat on the bus.

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