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The (beaver) tail of our journey (day 5: 4/25)

By Isha Tyagi, Jeannelle Tellado, & Kimberley Ni

· Montreal 2024

Penultimate day of our Montreal trip :')


1). World AI Summit

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The Summit was pretty much the same as yesterday. What was special about today's visit was:

a). The increase in the # of BCA students who recieved a Github Hydroflask (see yesterday's post)

b). Headliner by Yoshua Bengio

The very last headliner of the day was presented by none other than Yoshua Bengio. If you

remember from day 2's post, he is the founder of MILA, and one of the godfathers of AI. He

was supposed to visit the World AI Summit in-person, but he was nominated as one of TIME's

100 Most Influencial People in the World (!!); he was invited to a gala to celebrate his

accomplishment, so Yoshua joined us over Zoom.

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2). Dinner

At 6.45pm, we left the hotel for dinner at BEVO in Old Montreal. BEVO is a trendy Italian restaurant which mainly specializes in pasta and pizza. We spent around 2 hours here.

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3). Ferris Wheel

After dinner, we left to ride on the huge ferris wheel located next to Old Montreal.

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Here are some photos from the ferris wheel ride:

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4). Beaver Tails

After the ferris wheel ride, our chaperones treated us to Beaver Tails: a classic Canadian dessert consisiting of a fried pastry. <33

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Steps Update: 14,500+

bonne nuit

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