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Denmark day 7: Return to copenhagen

by: Ethan Modi

We had a great time in Aarhus but now it was time to go back to Copenhagen.

However, our tickets back to Copenhagen were messed up and the boys and Mr. Tronicke had to leave at 6:15! We were all really tired and slept on the bus and ferry. Once we got to the train station, the boys had about an hour to burn. We all got our lunch and had a really good bonding moment.


Once the girls arrived we were told we had a last minute addition to the itineary. We were going on a boat ride to see offshore wind turbines. We hopped on the train and got to the boat. At the boat we were met by a really nice and knowledgeable professor who taught us about the history of off-shore wind turbines in Denmark. He also talked about the business side a little bit, and why off-shore energy was a good investment. Overall, it was very informative and interesting and most importantly we got to see wind turbines.

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Our final thing planned in Denmark was Tivoli Gardens - the Original Disneyland.

It was a beautiful amusement park and we were able to go on many rides. It was a really nice finish to our trip in Denmark.

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