Sustainable Scandinavia

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    BCA's partnership with Aarhus Cathedral School will continue in 2023 as students from both schools will collaborate through a new sustainability initiative. A study abroad for young people fighting to stop climate change and make the climate crisis an urgent priority locally, nationally, and globally.

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    Partner School: Aarhus Katedralskole

    Katedralskole has 800 wonderful students and dedicated teachers and staff in a unique setting, right in the city center of Aarhus, Denmark. Teaching is of the highest quality, both academically and pedagogically, and the school has an inspiring and demanding study environment with support and challenges for everyone.

    At Katedralskole there is always something happening outside school hours: musical events, sports, lectures, study circles, voluntary work etc. The school culture is inclusive and diverse. Commitment is highly appreciated, and the students have representatives in all decision-making committees and the chance to initiate new activities.

    The historical school buildings create a special atmosphere which influences everyone. A number of new classrooms, group rooms and study areas have recently been inaugurated and all facilities have advanced IT-equipment. Aarhus Katedralskole is a modern school with historical hue.

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    Previous BCA Global Studies Partner

    In 2016 Principal Lone Eibye Mikkelsen met with Mr. Davis and toured our school for a day – She encouraged a partnership centered around music and our choir with eventually moving to joint science projects. Two years of communication and planning found the Bergen County Academies agreeing to a a student global exchange experience for both schools and visiting Aarhus Katedralskole in spring 2018 .

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    Cultural Experiences

    BCA students will be visiting all the major sites of Copenhagen (New Harbor - the 17th-century port in Copenhagen, Rosenborg Palace and Tivoli Gardens) and Aarhus (old town open-air museum, ARoS art museum, and Aarhus Cathedral). Besides the visits to Denmark's famous cites of Copenhagen and Aarhus the Katedralskole families will be welcoming BCA students into their home for a meal during the exchange as a valuable piece to Denmark's cultural hospitality.

  • Logistics

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    Breakfast will be in our accommodations, lunch will be on the run or in markets, and dinners will be at some of the Denmark's most exciting restaurants or an evening out at Tivoli Gardens.

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    After our non-stop flight to Copenhagen, we will be using the Canal boats and a Charter bus as our primary means of transportation during the trip. There will also be extensive walking and students can expect to walk around 5 miles per day.