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    Coral Reef Research in the Red Sea

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    Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey has enabled cultural and educational exchanges between Northern New Jersey and Israel for the past 15 years. These exchanges have engaged and connected students and teachers from local New Jersey and counterpart schools in Israel. Educators have shared curricula, best practices, and taught model lessons together while students have learned alongside one another and participated in collaborative projects and study.


    For the past 5 years, Jewish Federation has partnered with Bergen County Academies to carry out a specialized exchange program for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students – The Scott Pazer STEM Exchange. By embarking on this initiative, our educators and students have been able to participate in an immersive experience in this area of study in Israel, widening their cultural perspective. This type of exchange has strengthened and diversified our school’s STEM program and has introduced our students to peers across the world.

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    2020 Focus: Coral Conservation

    Each year of the Scott Pazer STEM exchange has had a specific area of focus. In 2020, students and teachers will be immersing themselves in coral conservation research, carrying out several days of hands-on field work with experts in the field at the Red Sea, in the south of Israel.

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    Why STEM?

    American educators in collaboration with Israeli educators will exchange best practices in STEM education including hands-on scientific experiments and experiences with experts in their fields, classroom demonstrations and interactive discussion with students, and innovative research activities.

    American educators will increase their insights and understanding of STEM programs in a diverse and multicultural environment in which these programs are at the forefront of Israeli society.

    Cross-cultural relationships will be enhanced through the implementation of shared goals in pursuit of increased knowledge gained in STEM educational activities for all students.

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    Cultural Experiences

    The exchange delegation tour will provide unique access and exclusive one-of-a-kind opportunities to see and experience Jewish life in Israel. Jerusalem’s Old City, Acco tour, Masada, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and a Eilat will show them Israel in a nonpolitical way, through an itinerary covering major sites and landmarks in Israel. The entire time during the tour BCA students will be accompanied by Nahariya students allowing for real peer-to-peer learning to take place.

  • Logistics

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    We will be staying at some of the best hotels throughout Israel.

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    Breakfast will be in our hotels , lunch will be on the run or in markets, and dinners will be at some of the most exciting restaurants throughout all of Israel!

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    After our non-stop flight to Tel Aviv, we will be using Charter buses as our primary means of transportation during the trip. There will also be extensive walking and students can expect to walk around 5 miles per day.


    Flight Info:

    23MAR20 UA84 EWR 4:00PM TEL AVIV 8:20AM
      31MAR20 UA91 TEL AVIV 11:25PM EWR 4:30AM