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    The UK has been at the forefront of medical teaching for centuries. After three and a half rigorous years in AMST, join your peers for an exploration into the exciting culture of the United Kingdom while learning about the achievements in medicine pioneered in this country.

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    Learn about the National Health Service (NHS) through a special lecture at University College London (UCL), currently ranked 8th in the World (QS World University Rankings 2019/20) and compare and contrast NHS with our healthcare system here in the USA. View medical artifacts at the Wellcome Collection, one of the most interesting medical museums in the world. Visit the oldest surviving operating theatre in the UK, used in the days before anaesthetics and antiseptic surgery at the Old Operating Theatre Museum.

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    Special UK NHS Hospital Experience

    Spend the morning with neuroanatomists covering brain anatomy, brain
    functions and brain structures focusing on neurological diseases such as
    parkins, dementia and epilepsy. Then explore these through practical
    dissection work using lambs brains which have a similar structure to human
    brains and through dissection work on human brain specimens.

    After lunch go to the dissection room to view human cadavers and see the dissection work that medical students and doctors perform on them.

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    Cultural Experiences

    There is so much to see and do in London! Visit the British Museum, Tower of London, and UK Parliament. Embark on a half-day bike tour of Hyde Park, it's palaces, and iconic London landmarks. We will also participate in a service project with Rhythms of Life, a hunger/homelessness charity located in Central London. In the past we have painted, cleaned, organized food, and cooked and served meals to the homeless in Trafalgar Square. Through these experiences AMST seniors will bond together and return the US with not only a new appreciation for the world, but a new appreciation for each other.

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    Global Education

    Visit a top-performing local high school and shadow other students, attend classes, and make new friends. Through a visit to this high school students will see that although there are vast differences in secondary education in both countries, normal teenage life is not so different abroad. We will also tour the oldest English-speaking university in the world, Oxford University.

  • Logistics

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    This May, BCA will be returning for the second time to the well-reviewed Wombat's. Currently ranked the #4 hostel (out of over 200) in London, BCA students will enjoy the modern group accomodations with six students per room and private en-suite bathrooms.

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    Breakfast will be at your leisure in our hostel each morning, lunch (not included) will be on the run at markets or food courts, and dinners will be at some of London's most exciting restaurants!

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    After our non-stop flight to London, we will be using the world-famous Tube (London Underground) as our primary means of transportation during the program. There will also be extensive walking and students can expect to walk between 5-8 miles per day.


    Flight Info:

    Virgin Atlantic

    Depart JFK Thu 18 May 2023 20:30 VS 010

    Arrival LHR Fri 19 May 2023 08:50


    Depart LHR Thu 25 May 2023 16:25 VS 153

    Arrival JFK Thu 25 May 2023 19:10